Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Damn That Lynn Doyle! How Local Celeb Friends on Social Media Affect Your Clout.

Let me start by saying, I do not know if I used affect vs. effect correctly there.  I spent 3 minutes reading a website to help me determine if that is right-- I still do not know. Sorry grammar bugs.

Every week or so I check my Linked In ranking amongst my "friends".  I secretly hope I win the popularity contest and make it into the top 10.  I don't. Ever.  Why? You may ask. I mean I am popular and connecting to me will connect you to a network the size of Oprah's(this is according to my husband who has 1 friend on LI- me.).  Today, I checked and I am still not the top 10. Why is this the case?

Well, here is my non-scientific finding.  My circle contains too many SUPER Pops.  What is that?  I make up my own words, so do not feel like you are the only one lost here.  Super pops are local celebrities.  They have the power of mass media behind them.  Lynn Doyle for example.  My friends in Idaho will not know her, but if you are from South Jerz  she is a super star.  Thanks to local cable television this phenomenon happens.  Radio show hosts are also in this mix.  Friends to the every gal, but also promoted by the main stream local media.  This creates a big fat vortex of views. ( Note to self- get on cable tv.) Anyway, I digress, so, why friend these people?

The amazing result of being friends with local super stars is that while you are not in the top 10 viewed in your circles, your clout score is higher.  Maybe not on the social media klout with a K, but where it counts- real life.  There is a certain credibility that comes with super pops. Being on TV/Radio in the 70's and 80's was a big deal. This phenom had waned in the 90's but it is back.  Today's generation(and some closeted Gen Xers-like ME) watch the Kardashians, the Shah's of Sunset, the Real Housewives and It's Your Call with Lynn Doyle.  These stars have clout and a big following.  Being in their circle, gives it right back to you. Pretty cool.

Disclaimer- I am not a social media guru by any means.  My claim to fame is real life revenue doubling behavior. 

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