Monday, September 22, 2014

You Never Know Who Is Listening!

It is true. You never know who is listening to you.  I often open my mouth and insert my foot, but as I have aged I realize it doesn't much matter.  It is part of who I am.  I believe you should just be who you be.(Listen grammar nuts- I know this is not correct, but it is cute)

For years, like 20 of them, I have worked in the non-profit sector.  I am good at it.  No, like really, crazy, amazing at it.  I am not bragging. I am being honest.  I have taken  at least 3 non-profit organizations from mid-range to wildly successful or from nothing to success.  It is a gift, but it is not my only gift.  Because I am good at it, I keep doing it.

You know how you put an actor in a box?  Like, Don Knots is funny or Jeanna Davis is serious or worse, you box them to being one character  like Daniel Radcliffe is only Harry Potter?  Well, I have done this to myself. 

I am "non-profit Nicole".  Some might call it a brand.  I consistently deliver good advice on how to make your non-profit, well, profitable.  It is what I say about myself out-loud for all to hear.  And guess what? "All" are listening and repeating it, so I stay in this box.  It isn't bad here -actually rather comfy.

I have a friend.  She is a direct-seller. Not just any old direct seller,  she is really good at it, like million dollar sales good at it. She stepped into that box in the 80s and has been there ever-since. 

Just about three years ago, my friend poked her head out of her box and she shared with me her vision to become an inspirational speaker.  I was listening. 

Shortly thereafter, an opportunity for her to speak to my networking group arose.  She shared her story on how she got to where she was in direct sales and that her vision going forward was to help a gazillion women share their glow.  Those people were listening. 

Fast-forward to today.  My friend is a best-selling author, a sought-after keynote inspirational speaker and is making appearances in our region- not just our backyard.  She busted out of her box by changing her story and her life- just by saying it aloud.  You never know who is listening.

Are you in a box? Where it is safe? Doing what you do because you are good at it? Are you really being who you be? Is it time to explore the world outside your box?

What is the first step?  Tell someone, ANY ONE about your vision.  It doesn't have to be super thought through. It will take shape.  (Someone once told me to fly the plane as I am building it.  Good advice- sorry I forget who said it! ) 

Comment on here or on my facebook page and share with me. I am listening and you never know who else may be too.


  1. Love your post! I'm reading a book called playing big which has everything to do with your message! Great post!

  2. I feel like once you tell someone your vision, it becomes real. Plus, they can offer many other ideas that can help you succeed.