Monday, August 25, 2014

Mo-ti-va-tion- Where Can I Find Some?

Every now and then I have a day- like today- where I cannot focus, even if my life depended upon it.  I am sure you know what I mean.  Where I hit refresh 3003 times on Facebook only to see the same first entry over and over and think- c'mon people- someone has GOT to have something that is going to get me moving.  It's like a case of the Mondays- yet it can happen any day.

I have had some seriously non-productive days, sometimes those days stretch on to a week.  It is a little scary I will admit.  What if my mojo never comes back?  Well my friends- it always comes back.  You then start whipping out tasks like a boss.  Here are a few tips that usually work for me when my inbox has 1045 new messages(only 3 spams) and I am low on the flow.  These are in no particular order of effectiveness.

Make a list- not just any old to-do sir, this is a tough time, you need inspiration. You need pep. You need your flow back.  The list must be of 2 things that you WILL finish before you leave the office, or get off the plane, or the sun goes down(hey- I have friends who are mommies. They get stuck too).  Things like- write a blog post(hint hint) for my friends blog or review one page of the financial report due next Friday(bet you read the whole thing once you start? Say $5? That'll pay for my coffee. Keep reading.).

Jack it up, um music that is.  Put on your pandora, your spotify- whatevs- not important the source, then really- your booty off.  Then get back to step one( I know you people read ahead, I do too).  Get the endorphins moving and grooving.  I have been known to bust a move on the streets of Philly, whatever you need to do man.

Stop trying to do the "work at hand" and do something you absolutely love to do.  Example: This weekend a friend of mine, was going to paint the insides of her closets and couldn't get started.  Now c'mon who wants to do that? Put it on your list (see above) and go much more fun.. no really it is.  Once you are out shopping, you can use that momentum to keep going right into the closet for painting.  See "Objects in motion stay in motion" in your science book from like 3rd grade.

When all else fails- seek caffeine.  Yes, my go to is Dunkin- I think there is something in that brew besides coffee but hey it works for me.  You might be from Canada where it's Tim Hortons (or some such nonsense-- Help me Canadian friends from the north) or you may be the triple shot mocha-chocka- latte fancy pants.. it's all good.  JUST move. 

Ok, back to the refresh button on the email-- or maybe I will turn up some Morris Day and the Time- hey don't judge, I am from the 80s.  Ohh - Weee - Ohh - Wee - Ohhh!

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